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Clan Farquharson,  USA was founded in 1977 by John T. Fargason, IV, 1926-2005,  FSA Scot, Past President and former Lieutenant to the Chief, USA. The society was established with the approval and blessing of the hereditary Chief of the Farquharsons, Captain A.A.C. Farquharson of Invercauld,  in response to numerous requests from Farquharsons throughout the country.  Society members have an organization in which to join with others who take pride in Clan Farquharson and desire to preserve and honour their distinguished heritage.


  • To cultivate a spirit of kinship and pride among all who bear the name of Farquharson or that of one of the affiliated septs.
  • To provide accurate, interesting information on the clan's history and to notify members of current activities through The Cairn, the official CFUSA newsletter.
  • To collect and share historical and genealogical records of Clan Farquharson.
  • To encourage Farquharsons to render aid and hospitality to other members of the clan.



CFUSA is a non-political, non-denominational and non-profit organisation. It is currently administered by a Board of Directors which is comprised of a President, Vice President/Treasurer, Vice President/Membership Secretary, Vice President/Newsletter Editor, and such other Advisory Vice Presidents and Honorary members as appointed by the President. The primary responsability of these volunteers is to represent our clan at Scottish-American heritage gatherings and coordinate social activities for CFUSA members regionally.

Contents of this Website

  • Clan History- A brief history of Clan Farquharson
  • Clan Names - A listing of affiliated surnames
  • Clan Symbols - The Clan badge, Tartan, and other information about Clan Farquharson
  • Membership - Information on joining CFUSA.
  • Events - A listing of upcoming events and gatherings
  • Contacts - A listing of CFUSA volunteers who can be contacted for further information regarding Clan Farquharson. Also included is contact information for other Farquharson societies worldwide.
  • Links - Links to other Farquharson and Scottish websites.
  • Forum - A web based forum where Clan members can communicate with one another.

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